Springtime on the library grounds

Springtime on the library grounds
Library gounds

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Angela Swan sworn in as new Library Trustee

Angela Swan, a long time memeber of the Friends of the Library, was sworn in as a new trustee at the October 27th trustees meeting of the Chazy Public Library.
She will fill the unexpired term of Patricia Neverett who resigned after decades of dedicated service to the Chazy Public Library.

Minutes of the September 29th Trustees' meeting

CALL TO ORDER: V.P. Emily Castine (acting president) opened the meeting at
5:00 p.m. Present were Debby Powers, George Brendler, Tina Trombly, Francie Fairchild (Director), Carolyn Harding (Friends President), Timothy Ryan (drafting teacher at Clinton Correctional Facility).

MINUTES: Debby (M), George (S) to accept the minutes of 8/18/2010 as presented. Passed.
Debby (M), George (S) to accept the special meeting of 9/13/2010 minutes as presented. The special meeting concerned the signing of the grant application. Passed.

TREASURERS’ REPORT: George (M), Tina (S) to accept the report as presented. Passed. George (M), Tina (S) that the funds for the roof replacement have been paid in the amount of $8,000.00. Passed. George (M), Tina (S) that the funds for the new furnace have been paid in the amount of $8627.00. Passed. Copies of the reports are attached.

FLOOR PLAN PRESENTATION: Tim Ryan has been working with George on the plans for the building. Tim works at Dannemora Correctional and teaches drafting to the inmates. He handed out plans that are not stamped but will give us an idea of the use of space and where supporting beams will be placed. We reviewed the plans and much discussion ensued. Tim will try to attend the October meeting.

DIRECTORS’ REPORT: Francie handed out her report. Library aid is still unsure, no news from NYS budget. There may be a 25% reduction in aid. CEF will keep us posted. The Gates grant will be able to help us with computers in the (C) building.

CORRESPONDENCE: Tina delivered the painting and gift certificate to Robert Kagan. A note of thanks will be sent to Jeff Rigsbee and Brian Recore. A question as to whether the board can use library funds for gift certificates was brought up by Emily and George. Emily will looks into this matter. George requested that a thank you be sent to Kevin Menard at Cassella Waste Systems and Altona prison. Debby has printed thank you cards with the image of our new library. Everyone took a few and we will have these to send out.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: NYS Real property exemption forms have been corrected and filed. These forms must be filed by March 1st each year. The director will take care of this and this task will be added to the list of duties and the yearly calendar of events. This year’s taxes for the (C) building will be $2700.00, school and land.

FRIENDS REPORT: Carolyn Harding said the book sale went well. Emily, co-chair, said they had a great team. The proceeds were about $826.00, this is better than last year. Ken Hertz was able to take all unsold books. Next Friends meeting will be 10/7/10 at 7:00 at the Weathercock.

The auction was successful and we netted $2794.50. Deb and Pat assisted Jeff Rigsbee and Brian Recore.

NEW BUSINESS: Pat has submitted her resignation effective 10/1/2010. She cited time commitments and health reasons for her decision. George (M), Debby (S) accepted her resignation with regrets. Passed. A letter of thanks will be sent and ideas for recognition will be handled by Tina. George (M), Debby (S) to accept the slate of officers presented for 10/1/2010, Emily Castine, President, Tina Trombly, VP, Debby, Treasurer, new member, Secretary, and George, Project Manager. Passed. Pat had recommended Angela Swan to fill her vacancy. Emily asked if anyone had any other nominations for persons to fill the vacancy. George (M), Debby (S), to have Angela Swan fill Pat Neverett’s vacancy. Passed. Emily will call Angela and welcome her to the board. Pat will pass her library materials over to Angela.

It has been mentioned that someone is interested in purchasing the (H) building. Debby (M), Tina (S) to table matter till a later date. Passed.

Grant Committee: Emily reported that the grant has been submitted by Julie Wever to Albany, now we wait. She also said that Lorna Forster was a great help with the whole process. George reported that the USDA pre-application needs to be amended and submitted by 11/1/2010.
Fund Raising Committee: no plans for fund raising till 2011. A copy of list of donors will be given to George, Emily and Angela.
Legal Aspects: Title insurance has not been received yet. Once we receive it we will house it in our safe.
On-site construction: NYSERDA has mentioned that we may be eligible for energy rebates. Chazy-Westport Communications has been in the building to assess where the phone cables will need to go. George also mentioned fiber-optic cable would be an asset to the library. Bob West (codes enforcement officer) has been over several times, George feels it is important to keep him aware of the project. George handed out a list of completed and soon to be completed projects and their associated costs or projected costs. It will be attached. George urged everyone to go to building and see our progress.

NEXT MEETING: 10/27/10 at 5:00 at the Town Hall.
REVIEW MOTIONS: Tina went over all motions made during the meeting.
ADJOURN: Debby (M) at 6:45.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tina Trombly
Tina Trombly, Secretary to the Trustees.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Story Hour started on Saturday the 16th of October

Kristin McAuliffe read Room on a Broom, a Halloween story, to a group of interested youngsters.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peter Pan School children braved the rain

The Peter Pan group arrived for their 9:30 am reading session despite a steady rain.
Diane Sabourin and Esther Dominy are back to entertain them for the Fall.

Fall Reading Starts!

Saturday 16 October 10 to 11 a.m. for children age 3-8

Room on a Broom
There is always room for one more...or is there, on the friendly witches broom?
Join Kristin McAuliffe reading this Halloween story, by Julia Donaldson, about a silly witch and a bunch of characters.

Call 846-7676 to register or for information