Springtime on the library grounds

Springtime on the library grounds
Library gounds

Thursday, October 29, 2009


FRS Scholarship applications forms are available at the Chazy Public Library or on line at: http://www.frs.org
Completed applications need to be sent back to The Champlain Telephone Company no later than Monday, February 19, 2010 !


Chazy Public Library
Wednesday, July 29, 2009, 5 PM

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President George Brendler at 5:03 PM with all trustees, Emily Castine, Pat Neverett, Debby Powers, and Tina Trombly, present, along with Director Francie Fairchild.

MOTION was made by P. Neverett, seconded by D. Powers to accept the minutes with typographical corrections. PASSED

**It was noted that P. Neverett had paid $25.00 for the new wooden Library Hours sign. The trustees thanked her for that donation.
**Financial reports for April, May, and June are in the Record Book. A copy of this current report will also be placed in the Record Book.

MOTION made by P. Neverett, seconded by T. Trombly, to switch our two CD accounts, Building Fund and Operating Expenses, from UBS to Cornelia Forrence at Raymond James.PASSED

MOTION: The Treasurer’s Report was accepted in a motion by E. Castine and a second by P. Neverett. PASSED

**A copy of such has been placed in the record book.
**Director Fairchild noted that Chazy graduate Tom Middleton has written a book entitled Saber’s Edge about Iraq and wants to do a signing at the library this summer. Trustees decided to offer the signing on the day of the Friends of the Library Book Sale, Aug. 29th.

In a MOTION by E. Castine, seconded by T. Trombly, it was decided to charge $1.00 for the first faxed page and 50 cents for each successive page, with a maximum fee of $5.00. PASSED

**Director Fairchild will check long distance phone costs for the library with Chazy Westport.
**Fairchild noted that she will need a sub on August 19th due to her daughter’s surgery. G. Brendler. E. Castine and P. Neverett will try to cover the library hours that day.

In a MOTION by T. Trombly, seconded by P. Neverett, it was decided to table the review of our Five-Year Plan document. PASSED.

This workshop was held on June 19, 2009, and led by Jesse Feiler. It was suggested that we include a section on “Planned Giving” in our policy handbook. It was emphasized that future directors will have to take the Civil Service exam and will have to be given a written contract.

We should use the ALA’s standard form for challenged materials. George will check on this. Fines will be 10 cents per day; if a person loses a book, he/she should pay fair market value for a replacement. If a book or other item is returned damaged, the borrower must be held responsible. We need these rules in writing.

MOTION: E. Castine made the motion, and P. Neverett seconded it that finalization of this policy and vote on it will be tabled until our next meeting. PASSED

**New Policy: The new Photo Release Policy was drafted on 7/23/09 by President Brendler. We must get permission of those portrayed at the time of filming.
MOTION: In a motion by P. Neverett, seconded by D. Powers, Trustees voted to approve the new policy. PASSED

**P. Neverett has written a thank-you to Ray Devins for donating the labor and time to design our sign.
**E. Castine will write a letter of thanks to John and Diane Sabourin for creating the Story Hour sandwich board, for organizing the Story Hour readers, and for their continued support of the library.
**Stewart’s will be thanked for their grant to us through p-r for our Summer Reading Program in late August.

**It was noted that the Sweet Ferry Landing celebration was highly successful and well attended.
**The date of the Adrian Carr concert is undecided at this time. It will be held in the fall.
**Pamphlet and magazine racks have been installed; plaques have been moved.

**Thanks to Director Fairchild for a fine Summer Reading Program enrollment.
**The second Gates computer has been ordered by the Director and is due in August. President Brendler hopes to attend the ALA Building Management course in Sept. He has e-mailed the particulars to the Board.

MOTION: E. Castine made the motion, seconded by P. Neverett, to table a decision on a new fax machine and a separate printer until next meeting. We will ask Betsy Brooks of C-E-F for direction.

MOTION: In a motion by D. Powers, seconded by T. Trombly, the proposed calendar of meeting dates for 2009-2010 was approved. It will be posted on our website. PASSED.

MOTION: In a motion by P. Neverett, seconded by T. Trombly, it was decided to move into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing the acquisition of property.PASSED

In a MOTION by P. Neverett, seconded by D. Powers, it was voted to come out of Executive Session. PASSED

After deliberation about the need for a community survey concerning our acceptance of the George W. Clark office property for a new library, P. Neverett and D. Powers motioned that G. Brendler draft a survey informing the public of the gift and asking for their support in this endeavor. The move would answer our critical need for handicapped access, for more space for books and technology, the opportunity to offer more services, and for a community meeting room. However, this move and all it entails will require a moderate tax increase.PASSED

**Plans were then made to meet for a walk-thru of Dr. Clark’s office building which has been offered to the library through the will of Dr. Clark. Jim Trombly, electrician, will accompany us for input.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Emily Flachbart Castine

Thursday, October 15, 2009


STORY TIME at the Chazy Publc Library 10:00 a..m. to 11:00 a.m.
Meet Wyantha, an Abenaki Princess; make Indian headresses; and hear stories about the first Thansgiving.
Learn how the Indians helped the Pilgrims that first hard year. Come give thanks with us.