Springtime on the library grounds

Springtime on the library grounds
Library gounds

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Minutes of the 4-28-10 Trustees' Meeting

April 28, 2010, 5 PM, Town Hall

George Brendler, President, called the meeting to order at 5:03 PM. Also present were: Trustees Emily Castine, Pat Neverett, Debby Powers, and Tina Trombly; Francie Fairchild, Library Director; and Ken Burger, president of the Chazy Friends of the Library.

The minutes of March 31, 2010, were accepted as read.
M (Neverett), S (Trombly) PASSED

This report was accepted as presented. Treasurer Powers explained that our $30,000 CD had matured, and it had accrued to $31,000. It was automatically placed in the Money Market account for the present.
M (Trombly), S (Castine) PASSED

President Brendler read this report as Library Director Fairchild was detained at the library.
The Board agreed to order a 1-year subscription to the Consumer Reports Money Adviser magazine for $29.95.

The updating of the Policy Booklet for all trustees is nearing completion. Trustees will address the Collection Development Policy at the May meeting.

Patron Grant:
Our library was notified as the recipient of the $1,000 Patron Grant from the 45th Senatorial District and Senator Betty Little to be used for the C-E-F collection development plan. The emphasis will be on non-fiction titles, and library directors will have to document purchases.

Library Resources Article:
Director Fairchild sent trustees an e-mail from Library Resources which detailed the best practices for choosing library furniture.

Letters of Support:
President Brendler stated copies of letters of support had been sent from Dr. Joseph Burke, Trustee of the Miner Foundation, and Chairman of the Board of the Miner Institute to the Library, and from James R. Langley, Chairperson of Clinton County Legislature, to Grace Kelly, Director of the Public Library Construction Grant Program, and Renee Hotte of USDA, Rural Development, Area Specialist.

Energy Survey Results:
NYSERDA sent us a booklet of findings. Some of the recommended measures would qualify for incentives through the Existing Facilities Program.

Endnyne Asbestos Results:
President Brendler reported encouraging results from the samples he collected and took to Endyne of EMSL Analytical for testing. The green tiles in the lab, x-ray and exam rooms are the only concerns, and these could be covered with plywood sub-flooring.

Conceptual Scope:
Contact administrator Jim O’Neil, president of C. W. Augustine, Inc., gave his cost opinion for the conceptual scope of repairs to the potential Chazy Public Library as $248,900.00.

Elevation Survey:
This survey was well documented with a map and pictures by RMS (Sunderland) Co. President Brendler sent a copy to FEMA with a signed application for removal from the flood plain. He also sent a copy to Latremore’s Insurance. He expects a letter from FEMA stating that we will not need flood insurance.

Insurance Policy:
President Brendler saw Chris Latremore of Latremore’s Insurance informally and learned that our regular policy would be separate from a possible flood insurance policy. We had expected our new policy to be ready for presentation at this meeting. George will contact Chris about this.

Richard’s Tree Service:
A bid for tree removal was presented from Richard’s Tree Removal after they stopped by the property and checked out the tree situation. Giroux’s Tree Removal did not want to touch the huge stump at the rear of the building, while Richard’s agreed to remove it. This firm would be wiling to “start in June and be paid in July.”

Town Zone Variance Letter:
Bob West received a call from Attorney Heather West’s office to produce the Town’s zone variance letter. This is a requirement in the will. One page of the document packet states, “variance granted.” West will give Attorney West this documentation.

Estimators Set To Walk-Through Property on Friday, April 30:
President Brendler had set up an appointment with Bob West, Chazy Building Permit Officer and local contractor, and Jeff LeRoy, engineer with Jeffords Steel Co., to give us a reliable cost estimate for the entire project. Brendler contacted LeRoy to see if his contractor, Andy Carter of Carter Construction, would accept the O’Neil cost estimate. This is required for the grant applications. Meeting was scheduled for 2:30 PM on the 30th.
Trustee Neverett will check out the basement area to determine what furnishings and equipment would be kept or thrown out at the discretion of the Board.

Quilt Gift:
It was noted that President Brendler had hung the quilt that had been given to the library by Mrs. Pam Schafer. Secretary Castine has written her a note of thanks.

Long-Range Planning Document:
This document was accepted with the deletion of the Automation Category.
M (Neverett), S (Castine) PASSED

Agreement Between the Friends of the Library and the Board of Trustees of the Library:
Friends’ President Ken Burger remarked that he would send our Understanding to all members prior to the May 15th meeting to elicit their responses. Trustee Trombly, Fund-Raising Co-Chair, will speak at that meeting, as will President Brendler.
The trustees agreed to table voting on this Understanding until after the meeting at which the Friends will discuss it.
M (Powers), S (Trombly) PASSED

SHPO Letter:
President Brendler has a note to contact the person for an update of the form we sent her.

Loan Procedures:
The Board was in consensus that we would not pursue bank loans at this time. Treasurer Powers and President Brendler had checked out some options with the local credit union and TD Bank.

Conceptual Scope Data:
It was necessary for the Board to get cost estimates for the renovation project from a reliable contractor. An important question to be asked of Grace Kelly, Program Head of the Public Library Construction Grant at the Glens Falls workshop, was, “Can the person or firm that develops a cost estimate for the project bid later to do that very construction?” Trustee Castine will ask that of Ms. Kelly at the May 5th workshop.

Gym Measurements Results:
Trustees agreed that laying out the proposed floor plan with blue tape on the CCRS gym floor clarified our vision of the new library

Pointing of Stones of Current Library
Local contractor and mason, Dick West, has continued his pro bono work of pointing the stones on the library’s exterior. The trustees are most appreciative of his efforts.

Evaluation of the State of the Library Policy
This policy was revised by President Brendler and Trustee Castine and accepted by the Board.
M (Neverett), S (Powers) PASSED

Appraisal of the Present Library, the Hubbell Building:
President Brendler spoke with realtor Joey Trombley who advised George to get in touch with Rosenbaum Appraisers. The cost for the appraisal would run from $350.00 - $500.00. President Brendler reported the assessment value of that land was $2,000.00 and the building, $26,100.

Project Progress Report:
Fund raising Team:
1.)Solicitation letters for funding the project to go out to community members this weekend.
2.)Individual donors sought for room naming rights: Trustee Castine reported that she had spoken to one individual who then sent a $1,000 check to the library project, and to an other who pledged to give $20,000 for naming rights to the Reading Room in memory of her parents. Castine had also spoken with four other possible donors.

Grants Team:
Committee Members, Lorna Forster and Trustee Castine are working on the Public Library Construction Grant. Castine will attend another of Grace Kelly’s workshops on that particular grant on May 5th in Glens Falls with C-E-F Grant Consultant, Julie Wever, and Jim Bennett, of the Grant Writing Committee.
The USDA Loan/Grant has been put on hold for the present. However, the Trustees went ahead with the Conceptual Scope needed for this loan/grant.

Legal Aspects Team:
Trustee Neverett checked and found out that we don’t need fencing near the river, as the river is a natural resource.
However, the trustees feel a barrier of some sort off to the side of the road entrance is needed for extra safety.

Closing Procedure:
A motion was made to look into the feasibility of having Robert Kagan as our attorney to review legal papers and attend the closing in relation to Clark’s Office property.
M (Neverett), S (Trombly) PASSED

Construction Site Team Updates
All reports covered earlier in this meeting.

Project Lead Comments:
Procedures for Stamped Plans:
We are hoping that Jeff Leroy of Jeffords Steel will be able to stamp the plans for the necessary steel beams for the new library.

President Brendler stated that it looks like we have proceeded in a safe fashion for checking for asbestos.

Jim O’Neil advised us to repair the furnace. However, John Polewchak may not be able to repair it. Bob West will spray some penetrating oil on it to see if the bolts can be loosened safely. We definitely need it to be energy efficient.

Review of Motions:
Secretary Castine read over all motions and they were accepted as read.

Next meeting:
May 26, 5 PM, Town Hall
This will be our annual organizational meeting. We have a template for it. The Annual Vote on the School Budget will be on May 18th. The Public Hearing is one week earlier, May 11th.

M (Trombly) At 6:25 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Emily F. Castine