Springtime on the library grounds

Springtime on the library grounds
Library gounds

Friday, August 20, 2010

July 28th Trustee's Meeting Minutes


CALL TO ORDER: President Pat Neverett opened meeting at 5:03. Present were; Emily Castine, George Brendler, Debby Powers, Francie Fairchild (Director), Carolyn Harding (President of the Friends), and Tina Trombly.

MINUTES: Debby (M), Emily(S) to accept the 6/30/2010 minutes as presented with one correction. Passed.

TREASURERS’ REPORT: George (M), Emily(S) to accept the June report and the draft of the July report. Passed.

DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Francie passed out a report which will be with the minutes. The summer reading program has been very well attended. Next weekend is the last one. We will send a thank you to Diane Sabourin for all her hard work. Maggie Dodds has been a great help to Francie this summer.

George reported that the Tobacco Free policy is unnecessary because we are a public facility and smoking/tobacco products are prohibited.
Records Retention Policy, George reported that the one we received is a model that we could adopt. Emily (M), Debby(S) that we accept the policy as presented. Passed. George asked that we print it ourselves to add to our policy book.
Friends Agreement, Carolyn presented the revised draft. Tina (M), George(S), that we accept the agreement as presented. Passed. George will re-print it and send it out for us to print and put in our policy book.

CORRESPONDENCE: The library has received donations in Don Gravelle’s memory. These funds will be put in the library budget, not the new building fund. Thank you notes will be sent.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Town Wide Yard Sale, Carolyn reported that the Friends received $351.00 in pre-registration packets and sold 116 maps at $1.00 each. The total profits $467.00.

NEW BUSINESS: Debby reported that she will attempt to put the Pay Pal link on our web-site after our meeting.


Grant committee: Emily reported that she had met with Lorna Forster and Julie Weaver to discuss final steps with the application. The grant needs to be at CEF by 8/20/2010.

USDA loan/grant: George would like to have a pre-application done and submitted by November. Debby will gather the information for this application. There is a lot of financial information and only a small narrative needed for this process.

Fund Raising committee: The Book ‘Em for the Library was a huge success. We had 12 community members who participated and were able to raise $5, 626.78. WOW! The raffle for the quilt, camping and necklace resulted in $226.00. We still have pledges yet to be collected. Many community members have asked “How are you doing?” I asked if George could post our results on the web-site? He will get with Deb to get correct amounts and post results. To date the letter campaign has netted $37,010.00. The committee meets on 8/4 and I will ask Angela if she would do a press release to inform the community of our results.

LEGAL TEAM: We are close. Pat met with Robert Kagan, lawyer, and he said he has received the paperwork. He is conducting a title search back to 1926. Robert told Pat that there is a painting in Dr. Clark’s collection that he would like in exchange for his work on the property transfer. The painting is worth about $10.00. The board was in agreement. Robert also said there is an inventory of the contents of the office which will be a great help to us.
Pat tried to speak with Rosenbaum, she left a message asking that they return her call.
Once we have the deed we will need to record the deed and get title and property insurance in place. Pat will make keys for all trustees.

Once we receive the deed;
1. clean basement
2. purchase dehumidifier
3. contact Richard’s Tree Service
4. contact NYSEG
5. contact John Polewchak about the furnace
6. get a dumpster for garbage removal
7. contact Jeff Rigsbee for auction items

Tim Ryan offered to have the prison inmates draft plans for the library. No expense to us.

ADJOURN: Emily (M) at 6:30. Next meeting on 8/18 at 5:00p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tina Trombly
Secretary to the trustees.