Springtime on the library grounds

Springtime on the library grounds
Library gounds

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friends Of The Library Open House Dec 7th

The Friend Of the Library hosted an Open House on December 7th. It was an other successful effort to raise funds for the support of the Chazy Public Library. The mild weather favored us with a good attendance.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Library Open house!

The Friends of the Library are hosting an Open House on December 7th in the Library.
Please come and join us to kick off the holiday season.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Special Story Time!!

Wednesday November 19 - STORYTIME at the Chazy Public Library 4:00, for children from age 3 to 8.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Old Sign Post Removed

Conrad Bechard, maintenance supervisor for the Town of Chazy has cut down the old sign post that was in the middle of the sidewalk.

He will attach a new international library sign to the side of the building in the near future. Town Historian, Bob Cheeseman, was on hand to record the event and give a helping hand.

Repairing Mortar Joints

Richard West, long time resident of Chazy and a contractor is volunteering his time to "point up" the old stone walls of the Chazy Library. "Should be good for an other thirty years!", according to Dick.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chazy Public Library Trustees’ Meeting 9-17-08

Present: George Brendler, Emily Castine, Pat Neverett, Debby Powers, Tina Trombly, and Francie Fairchild, director.
George called the meeting to order at 7:03. The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and Emily made a motion to accept, seconded and passed.
Treasurers’ report: Debby reported that a CD worth $30,000.00 has been rolled over for another term. It is recorded in the yearly report. There is a regional workshop offered on 10/1/08 discussing shared service examples. Pat made a motion to have Debby attend, seconded and passed. Debby said Caroline Tetreault has not contacted her as of yet. She did speak with her on 9/15 and gave her a list of questions. Debby and George will meet with her when she is available. George needs to go to bank with Deb to transfer signatures on bank account.
Director’s report: See attached report. Francie is working on cleaning up her desk to improve work flow. She is working on the Gates grant survey and Tech Atlas inventory. The Quadricentennial committee will meet on 10/20 at 9:30 at the Homestead restaurant, in Chazy. The group will discuss plans to sell souvenirs, incorporate the Transportation museum, and form other committees. Francie said she needs a substitute for 11/9-11/12/08 because she will attend a conference in Burlington, VT. The board approved.
Committee reports: there are none at this time. Will plan on meeting this winter.
Correspondence: Thank you letters have been sent to Chazy Westport Communications and Betty Little. George requested a thank you be sent to James Riley for his help on the screen door.
Unfinished business: Need a light fixture for bathroom, Tina will try and get one and have Jim install. The NCCCA decentralization grant has been researched by Emily. She spoke with Sue Daul and was told no money was needed for sponsorship of Adrian Carr. He will do a benefit concert at CCRS for the Chazy Public Library. See attached form.
Quadricentennial historical marker-Emily made a motion to pay for the marker ($1754.00) with the understanding that $1000.00 will come from the grant, $500.00 from the Friends of the library, and $254.00 from the Helen Sweet memorial fund, which will reimburse the libraries’ account, seconded by Pat, all in favor. The new computers have arrived. Debby suggested we dispose of the old ones at Total Computer in Plattsburgh. They will accept them at no cost to us. George presented some new sign proposals. The old sign on the side-walk will be removed. George will send ideas to members and they will be discussed.
New Business: Capital fund discussion at the Sagamore conference. Francie attended and handed out her notes on how to promote the library in our community. She also gave us two booklets, Turning the Page and Keeping Your Community Connected, to review. George will review the DVD and present a brief summary.
Francie announced that there will be an open house for the Chateaugay library. She will get more information and let the members know the details.
Next meeting set for 10/29 at 5:00. The motions of this meeting were reviewed. Meeting adjourned at 8:20
Respectfully submitted,

Tina Trombly
Secretary to the trustees

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chazy Public Library new Gates computer

Betsy Brooks and Francie Fairchild complete hooking up the new public computer.
The network is already wireless. Two computers are available to the public.
These computers were purchased and upgraded through a matching Gates grant.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trustees' Meeting Minutes of 7-30-08

Present: George Brendler, Emily Castine, Debby Powers, Pat Neverett, Tina Trombly, Francie Fairchild, director.
George called the meeting to order at 5:05 p.m. The minutes of May 28th were reviewed, corrections were noted and Emily made a motion to approve, seconded by Debby, passed.
Treasurers’ Report: Debby presented reports for May and June. Pat made a motion to accept as presented, seconded and passed. Debby told us that she has given a copy of our 2006-2007 and 2007-present books (quick books) to Carolyn Tetreault. Debby also had a list of questions she needs answers for which she left with Carolyn. Debby is waiting to hear from Carolyn to make an appointment. George said he would like to be there also. George also mentioned that he needs to go to the bank to have his signature on record.
Director’s Report: Adrian Carr, pianist, asked that we sponsor him in his grant request. It does not involve money, just our support. Emily will contact Sue Daul at the Cultural Center to get more information.
Computers- Betsy said some have arrived. The Friends of the library have voted to provide the matching funds.
Francie wants to go to a workshop in Potsdam on 8/20 at a cost of $10.00. She will go if she can get a substitute.
Second Betty Little grant of $2500.00 has arrived. Tina will send a thank you. Tina will also send a thank you to Chazy Westport Communications. A verbal thank you has been given to Jim Trombly.
CEF-is asking libraries to contribute to downloadable books. Tina made a motion to give $100.00 to CEF for audio books. The motion was seconded and passed. State funds are being cut 2% and these books are expensive. Debby wrote a check to CEF which Francie will deliver.
Maintenance-George will check with Chazy Hardware to fix screen in front door. Sign out front needs repair. George will check with Daniels’ Sign to get cost estimate. New hours need to be posted. Instead of summer and winter hours it was suggested that the new hours be; Tuesday 12:00-7:30, Wednesday 10:00-5:00, Thursday 12:00-7:30, and Saturday 9:00-12:00. Pat made a motion to adopt these hours, seconded and all in favor. The new hours will go into effect once the sign is fixed.
Committee report: Survey-Tina reported that 50 surveys were submitted. The most requested item was handicap accessibility and larger building. Over all patrons are satisfied with our service.
Policy committee-has not met but we do have a new gift policy in place. We must follow the American Library Association standards policy concerning privacy.
Old Business: We will dispose of old computers at Total Computers in Plattsburgh-no charge.
Quadra-centennial- the cost for the marker has risen. Maggie Dodds is working with Francie to reduce the wording to save money.
Wireless access for the library was discussed. Pat made a motion to buy a router for the library. It was seconded and passed. John Brendler will help with installation.
No standing committees to report.
Possible date for meeting would be the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Adjust as needed.
New Business: Friends Book sale will be 8/30/08. Next meeting will be 9/10/08 at 5:00.
Sagamore Conference report tabled till next meeting.
Francie and Betsy have started work on a plan for a capital campaign to renovate a donated building. The Trustees could use the format to start planning now for this future possibility.
Minutes were reviewed.
Motion to adjourn at 6:15. All in favor.
Respectfully submitted,
Tina Tromby

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wireless Internet now available

Please note that we have wireless internet capability at the Chazy Public Library. There are only a few outlets available for laptops. The upstairs room is available for laptop users on a limited basis.

Book sale great success!

Thanks to all our patrons for your participation in our successful book sale.
We had a beautiful day for the event with a good turnout.
Thanks, also, to those who helped out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Library Book Sale Hours

Please note that the hours of the book sale on Saturday the 30th of August will be from 9 am to 2 pm.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Important August dates at the Library!

STORY TIMES 4 p.m. Thursdays August 7 and 14 for children age 3 to 8.

"Catch The Reading Bug" Wind-up Party August 21 at 3:30 for those signed up for the Summer Reading Program and have returned their reading lists. PLEASE BRING YOUR LIST TO THE LIBRARY ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 14.

Friends of the Library Book Sale will be August 30th at the Town Hall.BOOK DONATIONS WELCOME but please NO OLD TEXTBOOKS, ENCYCLOPEDIAS or CONDENSED BOOKS

Minutes of Trustees' Meeting June 28,2008

Chazy Public Library Trustees’ Meeting
May 28th, 2008
PRESENT: Tina Trombly, George Brendler, Emily Castine, Pat Neverett, Francie Fairchild, Director
EXCUSED: Debby Powers
Tina called the meeting to order. Minutes of the meeting of March 6 were approved upon motion made by George; seconded by Emily; all in favor. Minutes of the meeting of March 15 were approved as presented upon motion made by Emily, seconded by George; all in favor.
Sagamore workshop - Francie attended the workshop and presented a video for review by board members. Following brief discussion, it was decided to table the matter until the next meeting.
Surveys - Emily and Tina volunteered to review the questionnaires returned and prepare a report for the board of the results of same.
Construction grants - George attended the session and stated CEF appeals to people to apply for these grants. George states these are matching funds grants. He found the session very interesting.
Audit - since Debby wasn’t present, it was decided to table this matter until the next meeting.
Director’s report - The new computer has been ordered and should arrive in June. We should receive our check soon, since CEF received a check for 90% of the grant. Our matching funds are $650.00 and the Friends have agreed to pay the same.
Francie will call Dick West about repointing the stonework. She also stated NYSEG’s bill is much lower than for the month of May. The Dell computer has been repaired. A new motherboard and power surge were replaced and they are still under warranty.
CEF has a new server room. It’s much faster. They are asking member libraries for contributions towards purchasing down-loadable audio books, about $25.00 per book. The public would have access to this with their library cards. Following discussion, Francie will follow up with more information on this subject.
CEF has received a grant for teenage volunteers to teach computer skills on a one-on-one basis with whomever would be interested.
New business - Francie would like to kick-off the summer reading program,(Catch the Reading Bug, July8th-August 21st) with a professional story-teller, Karen Pillsworth, on July 8. It would cost $250.00, trustees approved of same upon motion made by George, seconded by Emily; all in favor. Francie will also apply for a $100.00 grant from CEF. Francie also spoke about a science/math workshop,ways to teach young children science and math concepts at library story times.
Quadri - centennial grant/historical maker - There will be a meeting Monday, June 2, of the Friends at K. Rynkowski’s home. Bob Cheeseman will be there to present his findings about the Sweet Ferryboat. All are invited to attend. There is a $1,000.00 grant we may be able to apply for, but it’s questionably, due to cut-backs.
Budget vote - the budget was passed at a vote of 209 for; 60 against. Pay was re-elected for another give year term. She will file her oath of office with the Town Clerk.
Slate of officers - Tina presented a sale of officers as follows: President - George; vice president - Emily; secretary - Tina; treasurer - Debby. The slate was approved as proposed and all were in favor of same.
Wireless access - Francie will contact Betsy to see if she can come and explain exactly what this service is. Matter tabled.
Emily stated that Margaret Dwyer was very upset about the size of the nameplate attached to the computer desks. She apparently expected something larger. Following discussion, it was decided to tell Margaret that under our gifts policy, the board has the discretion as to how large memorials or gifts will be. Em volunteered to explain this to her.
Emily said that Ken Lucia, the gentleman who disposes of all our unsold books from our book sale in the fall, wants to sell our books and other from a bookmobile on Labor Day weekend. Francie said he is already booked for this Labor Day. It was decided to table the matter until he approached us again. The board members feel our sale should be in the town hall where there is more room and people can browse.
We have received an invitation from the Friends group in Plattsburgh to attend their annual luncheon at the Burgundy Room on June 26th, at a cost of $15.00 per person. Carol Heilman, a photographer, will be the guest speaker.
Treasurer’s report - A motion to accept the treasurer’s reports of February 29th and March 31st, as presented was made by George; seconded by Emily; all in favor.
Next meeting date: Wednesday, July 23, 2008, at 5:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Patricia B. Neverett

Friday, July 11, 2008

Comes the story teller!

Children were treated to a series of wonderful and interesting stories on Tuesday afternoon, the 8th of July. The unusually warm weather didn't deter the parents of a dozen or so youngsters from bringing them to the Chazy Library for the entertainment. Story teller, Karen Pillsworth, didn't waste any time capturing their attention and imagination. They riveted their attention on her past the usual limited attention span of the young. The forty-five minutes or so flew by too quickly.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Catch the Reading bug!

"Catch the reading Bug !" at the Chazy Public Library. Children from pre-school to grade 6 may sign up now for this summer reading program which goes on through July and August. The children will receive a form in which to list the books they read. At the end of the program those who return the forms will be given a certificate of achievement and a gift from the Friends of the Chazy Library.
There will be Story Times at the library on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. on the following dates: July 17, July 24, August 7, and August 21. Also a wind-up party at a date to be announced.

Come to Hear the Story teller!

Tuesday July 8 at 4:00 p.m.
for children
pre-school through Grade 6
call 846-7676 to register
Spiders, Bugs and Toads…Oh My !
A “Catch the Reading Bug” program of stories
As told by
Storyteller Karen Pillsworth

Listen…and you will hear stories of long ago and far away, and stories from today, as we go on an adventure into a world of spiders, bugs and toads, too. Some stories will find us in magical places and some will happen right in your backyard.
Listen…and you will hear how Anansi brought stories to the world, how Grandpa Toad gave good advice and how Grandmother Spider brought the sun.
Listen…and I will take you on a voyage of discovery into a magical land where time stands still and happily ever after is still a possibility. Come with me….I will take you there!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

March 15 Minutes of Trustee's Meeting

March 15, 2008

PRESENT: Tina Trombly, George Brendler, Emily Castine, Debby Powers, Pat Neverett, Francie Fairchild, Director
Tina called the meeting to order for the purpose of discussing the 2008 - 2009 proposed budget as presented by Debby. The Trustees are asking for an increase of $500.00 over last year’s budget. Automation expenses have been decreased, with an increase in technology.
Following discussion, a motion to accept the budget as presented was made by George, seconded by Emily; no further discussion; all in favor.
Meeting adjourned. Next meeting date, May 28, 2008 at 5:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Patricia B. Neverett.

Minutes of March 6 Trustee's Meeting

March 6, 2008
PRESENT: Tina Trombly, George Brendler, Emily Castine, Debby Powers, Pat Neverett, Francie Fairchild, Director
Tina called the meeting to order. Minutes of the January 9 meeting were approved, following a minor correction, and accepted upon motion made by George, seconded by Debby; all in favor.

Minutes of the January 30 special meeting confirming matching funds for a grant from the Gates Foundation were approved, following minor corrections, and accepted upon motion made by George, seconded by Pat, all in favor. A copy of the resolution will be attached to these minutes and made a part thereof. Motion for approval also included acceptance of the resolution and all were in favor.
Treasurer’s report – Debby stated she rolled over the $30,000.00 CD for 3.something for six months. The interest rate was less than before. A motion to accept the reports for January and February as presented was made by Emily, seconded by George; all in favor.
Director’s report – Francie reported that Gateway has a new computer at a cost of about $1400.00. It is fully loaded and needs no software. This is something to think about. She is also going to the Sagamore with Betsy Brooks for a seminar on building plans for library advocacy. Julie Weaver also told her there is a seminar on library construction or renovation funds to be held in Glens Falls. George stated he may be interested in attending same.
Old business – Trustees reviewed the Questionnaire for Chazy Public Library Users. There was one minor correction and it was suggested that library users have the option of signing the questionnaire and also that they return them either directly to the library director or insert them in the book drop box at the library. There being no further discussion, Emily made the motion to approve and accept the questionnaire, seconded by George, all in favor. George will contact Joe Forcier and see if perhaps these questionnaires can be sent out along with the telephone bills of Chazy Westport Communications.
The new lights have been installed in the Childrens’ room and they are beautiful!!! Tina will contact Paul and get the ballasts for the lighting in the main room.
Desk – Tina will call Roger re increasing drawer space in the library desk. George suggest we also have a file in a cabinet just for Trustees’ business. There is a cabinet in the back room and he will clean out a drawer for that purpose.
Audit – Table matter until after tax season.
Gates Grant proposal – Francie stated the first part of the proposal has been submitted.
New business – Bylaws committee report – Trustees reviewed the same. George stated the matters in italics were new changes. "Article X" needs to be inserted. Following discussion and minor corrections, Emily made the motion we accept the Bylaws as presented, Debby seconded; all in favor.
Annual report – After review by all, George made the motion we accept the report as presented, seconded by Emily; all in favor. George also suggested we make reference to it on the library website; all agreed.
Budget and trustee’s petition. Francie stated that Pat is up for re-election this year. Budget should be submitted to the school board by April 1st. Payment for automation of about $500.00 should be added in the budget. Debby will get her figures together and we will have a budget meeting on Saturday, March 15, at 8:30 a.m.

There being no new business to come before the board, Emily moved that the meeting be adjourned, Debby seconded; all in favor.
Respectfully submitted,
Patricia B. Neverett

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Lights for The Children's Room

Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Library, we have bright new energy efficient lights for the Children's room and the main building. Much thanks to Jim Trombly for his kind assistance in installing it all!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Annual Report for 2007

The Director's Annual Report to the Board of Trustees and the public has been submitted to the NYSEd Department. A copy of the report is available in the Library for examination.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Minutes of 1-30-08 Trustees' Meeting

January 30, 2008
PRESENT: Tina Trombly, George Brendler, Pat Neverett, Francie Fairchild
EXCUSED: Debby Powers, Emily Castine
Tina called the meeting to order for the purpose of having the trustees pass a resolution confirming matching funds a grant from the Gates Foundation. Following discussion, it was decided to use the Plattsburgh Public Library resolution. For our library, the matching funds amount would be $650.00. George made the motion we submit the necessary documents for the grant, seconded by Tina; all in favor. Tina will draft the letter of commitment and forward the same to Betsy Brooks.
Meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Patricia B. Neverett Secretary

Minutes of 1-9-08 Trustees' Meeting


Call To Order: Meeting was called to order at 5 PM. Trustees present were: George Brendler, Em Castine, Debby Powers, and Tina Trombly. Excused: Pat Neverett

Secretary’s Minutes:

Motion to approve: Castine/Brendler PASSED

Treasurer’s Report: The October, November and December 2007 financial reports were sent to all of us in advance.

Motion to approve: Brendler/Castine PASSED

Director’s Report: The trustees accepted this report after noting specific items on the list.


Agreed that flat screens be ordered for the Gates Grant computers. Francie mentioned the possibility of Wi-Fi capability. Tina will write a letter assuring CEF that we have the funds to match the Gates grant.

Were encouraged by CEF to join a new group on Facebook.com that will enable trustees to share ideas.

Approved paying $35.00 to the Internet Corporation Listing Service for our website’s domain name.

Decided to invite Matthew Smith to our next meeting, Feb. 27th, 2008, at 5 PM, to discuss our website and our need to update our information in a timely manner.

Heard Francie’s report on the workshop focusing on the “What’s the Big Idea?” program which incorporates science and math concepts into Story Times. Ken Burger will be invited to use these resources in his wonderful story hours.

Learned that Francie had overheating problems with the new vacuum cleaner, she will return it to Lowe’s for a replacement.

Approved changing the library’s winter hours from 12 noon -7 PM. Tina will advise area papers of this change. Also, our sign must be changed.

Motion to approve: Castine/Brendler PASSED

Worked on resolution to adopt Records Retention and Disposal schedule. Trustees voted to continue with Francie Fairchild as the Records Retention Officer.

Motion to approve: Brendler/Powers PASSED

Old Business:

Evaluation and Planning Document: Decided to look at the evaluation document that Jesse Feiler presented at his workshop as a useful tool before drawing up final 5-year plan.

Patron Survey: Trustees made minor changes, and Debby will revise accordingly. Tina will ask Susan if the Town will be doing a hard copy of Town Talk.

Trustee Forum: George thought Feiler’s workshop was excellent and worthwhile.

Holiday Fund Drive: Proceeds are down about 50% from last year’s campaign.

New Business:

Lights: Trustees will peruse estimate and light fixture photo from Champlain Electric.

Circulation Desk: No action on it. Francie will get Roger Bodine’s ideas.

Meetings: Emily recently attended a Northern Adirondack Library Association meeting.

Audit: George will ask Carolyn Tetreault to do a gratis annual audit of our books and suggested that Tina and Debby meet with her for this.

Motion to approve: Brendler/Castine PASSED

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn: Brendler

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 27, 2008, at 5 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Emily F. Castine, secretary pro tem

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Committe at work

The policy committee is currently busy updating the Library Bylaws and Policies to better meet the needs of the Library and the evolving needs of the public.
After the Board adopts the revisions they will be posted on this website.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

February 1st, An Ice Storm Reminder!

Ten years ago this was the scene front of the Chazy Public Library.
This year's ice storm was mild in comparison.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CCRS Elementary Library Gift

Many thanks to Mrs. Jane Hitchcock, CCRS Elementary Librarian. The Elementary Library shared the proceeds of their recent book sale with the Chazy Public Library.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Hours on Tuesday and Thursday!

Please note that we have changed our hours of operation for Tuesdays and Thurdays!

The new hours are: 12:00 noon to 7:00 PM.

Please consult the Home Page for other days' hours.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Friends of Library Siver Tea

Despite the threatening winter weather, the Silver Tea raised a nice sum of money for the Friends. It presented a nice opportunity to decorate the library.

Library Trustees' Holiday Drive

The December 2007 Holiday Fund Drive netted the Library over $1000. We thank all of you generous donors.