Springtime on the library grounds

Springtime on the library grounds
Library gounds

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Minites of Special Meeting 9-13-10

Special meeting of the Trustees
For The Chazy Public Library

Pat Neverett (President) called a special meeting for the sole purpose to witness the signing of the grant application.

Pat called the meeting to order at 6:35. We, the board, met at the Clark Building.

Present were: Pat Neverett, Emily Castine, Debby Powers, George Brendler and Tina Trombly.

Emily (M), Debby(S) This application completed in the preceding pages and accompanying documents for a public library construction grant to be administered in accordance with the requirements of Education Law 273-a (as amended by Chapter 57 of the laws of 2007) and Commissioner’s Regulations 90.12 was read and duly adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Chazy Public Library at a legal meeting on 9/13/2010. All in favor, passed.

Pat signed all necessary pages. There are 5 copies. Four will be sent to the State and Julie Wever will keep one copy at CEF.

Debby (M) to adjourn at 6:50. All in favor, passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Tina Trombly

Tina Trombly
Secretary to the board.

Minutes of August Trustee's Meeting

CPL Trustees Meeting
August 18, 2010

CALL TO ORDER: President Pat Neverett opened the meeting at 5:04. Present were Emily Castine, Debby Powers, George Brendler, Francie Fairchild, Carolyn Harding and Tina Trombly.

MINUTES: Debby (M), George(S) to accept the minutes with corrections. Pat and George asked that all corrections to minutes be held for the following meeting. The minutes will be corrected and sent to all members present. Passed.

TREASURERS’ REPORT: George (M), Tina(S) to accept the July report as presented. Passed.

DIRECTOR”S REPORT: Francie e-mailed her report to the Trustees. Summer reading program is finished. Story time continues but there is a need for readers. A patron donated a small refrigerator. Francie’s report will be attached to the minutes. Next year the Story Hour on the Saturday before Old Home Day should be cancelled. Carolyn said there was congestion on that corner.

COMMIITTE REPORTS: George handed out corrections to the hours of operation for the policy book. Everyone received a copy for their policy book.
Francie said that she needs money for the Junior Library Guild, it is expensive ($837.00/year) but we receive 5 books per month. We must pay in advance and the deadline for the money is soon.

CORRESPONDENCE: NYSERDA has called to check on our progress. The energy study can be done at anytime.
The Rosenbaum appraisal has been completed, $27,800.00 was the figure presented.
Jeffords Steele has e-mailed their quote to George.
West Brothers Construction has given George their quote.
Thank you notes have been sent to Momot Trailer Sales, Joyce Samonek, Catholic Church and Ray Devins.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Carolyn presented a check from the Friends of the Chazy Public Library. It was gladly accepted.
Emily and Deb are working on a list of daily, weekly and monthly duties of the library director. They asked Francie to help with this list.

NEW BUSINESS: The annual financial report is being prepared by Debby.
The library has been receiving memorial donations for Cindy Bodine and Mr. Gravelle.
Pay Pal is up and running on our website. We need to publicize our website. A sign will be made to put up in the library. We will try to get the word out in other ways also, i.e. Town Talk or Chazy Westport Telephone bills.
Open Meeting Laws handout was provided by George. He stressed the importance of following these laws to protect ourselves and keep the public informed.
Grant Team; the project narrative is ready. Emily will meet with Lorna Forster and Julie Weaver to finalize the process. A special meeting will be needed to sign the document once it is ready. George (M), Emily(S) that we have a special meeting on or about 9/1/2010 to sign document and approve estimates for the roof. Passed. The document must go to the State by 9/24/2010.
Fund Raising: The totals to date are $ 57,351.36. More pledges and donations are coming in. Pat and Debby have been sending out Thank-you notes as the money comes in. Emily would like to have it in the record that prior to the letters being sent out, several individual visitations were made by board members which resulted in $31,000.00 in donations. These funds were included in the letter campaign because these individuals received a request also.
Legal Team; the property has been transferred to the Trustees of the CPL. The deed will be housed in the Town safe until we have our safe on the premises. Pat (M), Emily(S) to give a $100.00 Anthony’s gift certificate to Robert Kagan. Passed. We are expected to pay the school taxes; the land taxes have been paid. There is a form that Pat and Debby will fill out and file with the town. Title insurance is being taken care of by Pat.
On site construction updates;
The new library will be referred to as Clark building (CB) and old library Hubbell building (HB) for clarification.
Property has been mowed by George.
The Trustees met on 8/11 at the Clark building to review appraisal list given to Pat from Robert Kagan. Items were discussed and a list of what to keep, sell, donate and junk was compiled.
Jeff Rigsbee has reviewed the items and a sale date of 8/28 has been set.
George has purchased a dehumidifier and set it up in the basement of the Clark building. He checked with Tom Roberts and the sump hole works so a hose has been run to this so there is no need to dump the water daily.
Richards’ Tree Service has completed the removal of trees around CB. The total cost was $3800.00.
NYSEG requires payment up front before they relocate the pole. They will schedule the job and it should be around 9/15/2010.
John Polewchak recommends trying to fix furnace. George will get a quote from Mike Seymour to replace the furnace. George recommended we replace the furnace; all trustees seemed to be in agreement.
Kevin Menard has been very helpful. He works for Casella and will place a dumpster on site when we are ready for it.
Tim Ryan will visit CB for the drafting plans he will work on with the inmates at the prison. He will consult with Jeff Leroy of Jeffords Steele about the beams and the emergency safe haven room. Jeffords will probably stamp the plans once completed. We need this for the building permit from the town. We do not need a permit to fix roof, furnace or interior demolition of CB.
James Moser has offered his engineering expertise to help us with these plans.
Work session scheduled for 8/22 at 1:00 to prepare for auction.
Review motions

EXECUTIVE SESSION: 6:05 Emily (M), George(S) to go into for personnel issues. Passed.

Debby (M), Tina(S) to come out of executive session. Passed. 6:20

Emily (M) to adjourn at 6:21

Respectfully Submitted,

Tina Trombly

Tina Trombly, secretary to the Trustees.

p.s. The order of adjournment and executive session were reversed. I have corrected this.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Story Time Begins for the Fall

STORY TIME schedule for the school year at the Chazy Public library will be on Saturday mornings from 10 to 11 a.m.

The first date is September 18th.

The full schedule is posted on the right side of this blog page.

Call the library at 846-7676.

Francie Fairchild
Chazy Public Library