Springtime on the library grounds

Springtime on the library grounds
Library gounds

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Lights for The Children's Room

Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Library, we have bright new energy efficient lights for the Children's room and the main building. Much thanks to Jim Trombly for his kind assistance in installing it all!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Annual Report for 2007

The Director's Annual Report to the Board of Trustees and the public has been submitted to the NYSEd Department. A copy of the report is available in the Library for examination.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Minutes of 1-30-08 Trustees' Meeting

January 30, 2008
PRESENT: Tina Trombly, George Brendler, Pat Neverett, Francie Fairchild
EXCUSED: Debby Powers, Emily Castine
Tina called the meeting to order for the purpose of having the trustees pass a resolution confirming matching funds a grant from the Gates Foundation. Following discussion, it was decided to use the Plattsburgh Public Library resolution. For our library, the matching funds amount would be $650.00. George made the motion we submit the necessary documents for the grant, seconded by Tina; all in favor. Tina will draft the letter of commitment and forward the same to Betsy Brooks.
Meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Patricia B. Neverett Secretary

Minutes of 1-9-08 Trustees' Meeting


Call To Order: Meeting was called to order at 5 PM. Trustees present were: George Brendler, Em Castine, Debby Powers, and Tina Trombly. Excused: Pat Neverett

Secretary’s Minutes:

Motion to approve: Castine/Brendler PASSED

Treasurer’s Report: The October, November and December 2007 financial reports were sent to all of us in advance.

Motion to approve: Brendler/Castine PASSED

Director’s Report: The trustees accepted this report after noting specific items on the list.


Agreed that flat screens be ordered for the Gates Grant computers. Francie mentioned the possibility of Wi-Fi capability. Tina will write a letter assuring CEF that we have the funds to match the Gates grant.

Were encouraged by CEF to join a new group on Facebook.com that will enable trustees to share ideas.

Approved paying $35.00 to the Internet Corporation Listing Service for our website’s domain name.

Decided to invite Matthew Smith to our next meeting, Feb. 27th, 2008, at 5 PM, to discuss our website and our need to update our information in a timely manner.

Heard Francie’s report on the workshop focusing on the “What’s the Big Idea?” program which incorporates science and math concepts into Story Times. Ken Burger will be invited to use these resources in his wonderful story hours.

Learned that Francie had overheating problems with the new vacuum cleaner, she will return it to Lowe’s for a replacement.

Approved changing the library’s winter hours from 12 noon -7 PM. Tina will advise area papers of this change. Also, our sign must be changed.

Motion to approve: Castine/Brendler PASSED

Worked on resolution to adopt Records Retention and Disposal schedule. Trustees voted to continue with Francie Fairchild as the Records Retention Officer.

Motion to approve: Brendler/Powers PASSED

Old Business:

Evaluation and Planning Document: Decided to look at the evaluation document that Jesse Feiler presented at his workshop as a useful tool before drawing up final 5-year plan.

Patron Survey: Trustees made minor changes, and Debby will revise accordingly. Tina will ask Susan if the Town will be doing a hard copy of Town Talk.

Trustee Forum: George thought Feiler’s workshop was excellent and worthwhile.

Holiday Fund Drive: Proceeds are down about 50% from last year’s campaign.

New Business:

Lights: Trustees will peruse estimate and light fixture photo from Champlain Electric.

Circulation Desk: No action on it. Francie will get Roger Bodine’s ideas.

Meetings: Emily recently attended a Northern Adirondack Library Association meeting.

Audit: George will ask Carolyn Tetreault to do a gratis annual audit of our books and suggested that Tina and Debby meet with her for this.

Motion to approve: Brendler/Castine PASSED

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn: Brendler

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 27, 2008, at 5 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Emily F. Castine, secretary pro tem