Springtime on the library grounds

Springtime on the library grounds
Library gounds

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chazy Public Library Trustees’ Meeting 9-17-08

Present: George Brendler, Emily Castine, Pat Neverett, Debby Powers, Tina Trombly, and Francie Fairchild, director.
George called the meeting to order at 7:03. The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and Emily made a motion to accept, seconded and passed.
Treasurers’ report: Debby reported that a CD worth $30,000.00 has been rolled over for another term. It is recorded in the yearly report. There is a regional workshop offered on 10/1/08 discussing shared service examples. Pat made a motion to have Debby attend, seconded and passed. Debby said Caroline Tetreault has not contacted her as of yet. She did speak with her on 9/15 and gave her a list of questions. Debby and George will meet with her when she is available. George needs to go to bank with Deb to transfer signatures on bank account.
Director’s report: See attached report. Francie is working on cleaning up her desk to improve work flow. She is working on the Gates grant survey and Tech Atlas inventory. The Quadricentennial committee will meet on 10/20 at 9:30 at the Homestead restaurant, in Chazy. The group will discuss plans to sell souvenirs, incorporate the Transportation museum, and form other committees. Francie said she needs a substitute for 11/9-11/12/08 because she will attend a conference in Burlington, VT. The board approved.
Committee reports: there are none at this time. Will plan on meeting this winter.
Correspondence: Thank you letters have been sent to Chazy Westport Communications and Betty Little. George requested a thank you be sent to James Riley for his help on the screen door.
Unfinished business: Need a light fixture for bathroom, Tina will try and get one and have Jim install. The NCCCA decentralization grant has been researched by Emily. She spoke with Sue Daul and was told no money was needed for sponsorship of Adrian Carr. He will do a benefit concert at CCRS for the Chazy Public Library. See attached form.
Quadricentennial historical marker-Emily made a motion to pay for the marker ($1754.00) with the understanding that $1000.00 will come from the grant, $500.00 from the Friends of the library, and $254.00 from the Helen Sweet memorial fund, which will reimburse the libraries’ account, seconded by Pat, all in favor. The new computers have arrived. Debby suggested we dispose of the old ones at Total Computer in Plattsburgh. They will accept them at no cost to us. George presented some new sign proposals. The old sign on the side-walk will be removed. George will send ideas to members and they will be discussed.
New Business: Capital fund discussion at the Sagamore conference. Francie attended and handed out her notes on how to promote the library in our community. She also gave us two booklets, Turning the Page and Keeping Your Community Connected, to review. George will review the DVD and present a brief summary.
Francie announced that there will be an open house for the Chateaugay library. She will get more information and let the members know the details.
Next meeting set for 10/29 at 5:00. The motions of this meeting were reviewed. Meeting adjourned at 8:20
Respectfully submitted,

Tina Trombly
Secretary to the trustees