Springtime on the library grounds

Springtime on the library grounds
Library gounds

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Minutes of 2-26-10 and 3-6-10 CPLTrustees' Meeting

February 26, 2010, 5 PM, Town Hall

CALL TO ORDER: George Brendler, President, called the meeting to order at 5:05 PM. Also present were: Trustees Emily Castine, Debby Powers, and Tina Trombly; Francie Fairchild, Library Director; Jim Bennett, Grant Writing Committee member; Trustee Neverett was excused due to illness.
The minutes of January 27, 2010, were accepted as read.
M (Powers), S (Brendler) PASSED

The proposed budget for 2010-2011 was presented. The taxation figure was proposed as $22,000.00, a $2,900.00 increase. 2. Discussion followed, and it was suggested that due to the impending cost of maintaining the new, bigger building we increase our request to $25,000. Treasurer Powers will send trustees the revised proposed budget for perusal. The matter was tabled until Trustee Neverett has had a chance to review the revised proposed budget.
M (Castine), S (Brendler) PASSED

The Financial Reports of December 2009 and January 2010 were accepted as presented.
M (Trombly), S (Brendler) PASSED

DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Director Fairchild’s Annual Report submission is her report for this month.

Christmas Fund Drive
President Brendler thanked Trustee Castine for her work soliciting contributions which amounted to $1,475.00.

Policies Update
President Brendler stated that he had sent out two personnel policies for our review. They were the Grievance Procedure Policy and the Performance Review.
President Brendler will send two more policies to review: The Conflict of Interest Policy and the Periodic Policy Review.

Thank-You Letter
Trustee Neverett composed a thank-you letter to Tim Castine for his help with preliminary project plans. All the trustees signed it at the meeting.

C-E-F- informed us that Horizon fees would be raised for 2011.

Triangle Systems sent a proposal for the solar panels (NYSERDA incentive, etc.)
Duprey Technical sent a proposal for roof replacement.

Energy Audit
An Energy Audit has been completed. The Board awaits the results due in mid-March.

Church Memorial
President Brendler noted that donations in memory of Pamela Church would be made to our library. Secretary Castine was asked to send a note of appreciation to Walter and Nancy Church for naming the library as a recipient for these donations.

Letter of Support from Planning Board
President Brendler received a Letter of Support for the library relocation-renovation project from the Planning Board to take to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

There will be a Library Construction Seminar in Glens Falls on May 5th. This is a seminar led by Grace Kelly of the New York State Library. Both Trustees Brendler and Castine attended such a seminar last year.

It was noted that there have been two excellent library-related articles in the Press-Republican lately.

Snap Shot Day
C-E-F had designated a day that photographically highlighted System activities on a normal day. Trustee Castine noted that we would need supportive pictures for our grant applications.

Survey Map
President Brendler will send a copy of this to each trustee. As this is a preliminary survey from the lawyer, he will first check with Heather West. He had already given a copy to the Zoning Appeals Board for its files.

The monitor filter was changed in the library and the bottom of the tank valve was thawed. Thanks to Steve LaPierre and George for helping with this.

Treasurer Powers provided an updated “Year At a Glance” with her August Summary Report.

Clarification About Contributions
We had a clarification about tax-deductible contributions in the IRS 170 (c) (1). It was determined that we do not need a 501 (c) (3).

The Zoning Board of Appeals granted us a variance for an undersized lot. Trustees Neverett and Brendler attended this meeting. The old entrance is grandfathered. If we were to change the footprint, we would need another variance. Jim Bennett remarked that if we don’t change basics, and go up instead, we don’t need to apply for a variance. We have already been given the OK for five parking spaces in the back.
Bruce Ladue advised us to be careful about touching the stone.

Foundation Creation
The Trustees agreed to rescind the motion made at the December 2nd, 2009 meeting to start up a Foundation.
M (Trombly), S (Powers) PASSED

Dedicated Construction and Renovation Fund
Trustees decided to create a Dedicated Construction and Renovation Fund.
M (Powers), S (Trombly) PASSED

Team Leaders’ Expenses
Trustees agreed to table the motion for approval of team leaders’ anticipated expenses relating to the Renovation Project beyond mere petty expenses.
M (Castine), S (Brendler) PASSED

Annual Report
Trustees voted to approve the Annual Report prepared by Director Fairchild.
M (Castine), S (Trombly) PASSED

Two Personnel Policies
Trustees moved to accept the Performance Review Policy, after changing the number of trustees needed to make up the Review Committee from three to two, and the Grievance Procedure Policy as stated.
M (Trombly), S (Powers) PASSED

Political Support Letters
President Brendler presented copies of his letter to the group, while Trustee Castine read her letter to the Board.

Search for an Architect
Jim Bennett cautioned that the charges for an architect could run from 11% of entire project cost and up, as opposed to having pro bono work done for us. We will need an RFP from a prospective architect who should present drawings of past libraries he/she has designed. We should advertise in the paper for this person and would hope to receive at least three proposals. Apparently, the USDA Grant will pay such professional fees.
President Brendler will speak with Jim Bennett about the search procedure. It will take time.
Bennett voiced his concern that we don’t carry insurance on ourselves as trustees.

Design and Construction Check List
The trustees were in consensus about the checklist provided by President Brendler.

Work Session
There will be a work session on March 21st, Sunday, in the Chazy Town Hall from 2-4 PM. Brendler will have more info at the next work session.

Fundraising Team
Trustee Trombly sent the February 3rd meeting summary to all trustees.
The WEBINAR report will be given at a future time.
Trustee Trombly is in contact with Henry Lindberg, a relative of the Fiske Family tied to Dr. Clark’s Office. She is encouraging his participation in this project.
President Brendler is continuing his work on the letterhead for fundraising projects.

Legal Aspects Team
Trustee Neverett found out that we do have a deed for the Children Room’s property.

Grants Team
Trustee Castine sent out summaries of both the January 26th and February 7th meetings.
Trustee Castine and Grant Committee writer, Lorna Forster, attended a showing of the WEBINAR at C-E-F and agreed it was most helpful.
It was noted that the USDA allocation of $100M for Rural Libraries is most significant.

Political Support Letters
Political support appeal letters from President Brendler and Trustee Castine will be sent out on March 1st, 2010.

Construction Site Team Update
President Brendler sent out summaries of the January 29th walk-through and the February 5th Office visit.
February 17th Second Opinion Visit: Gerri Trombley, area contractor and builder, made a visit to inspect the building. His advice was that the interior should be gutted.

Sewer Collection Station
In discussion with Tom Roberts, President Brendler learned that the posts designating the sewer collection area could be moved, if necessary.

Solar Panels
Area metal designer John Trombly discussed solar panels with President Brendler and confirmed they were a good investment.

Preliminary Plans
The trustees were in consensus with the preliminary floor plan by designer Tim Castine, M.S. Architecture, but opinions differed about the idea of making the main entrance at the side and reserving the area in the front for a window seat solarium area.

Project Leader Brendler commented that Bob West had given him a booklet on the Code system in NYS.

President Brendler called for a special meeting of the Board on Saturday, March 6th, at 8:30 AM at the library for the purpose of voting on the revised proposed budget.

The motions were reviewed for corrections. None noted.

Our next meeting is set for March 31st, 2010, at 5 PM in the Town Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 PM. M (Powers)

Respectfully submitted,

Emily Flachbart Castine

March 6, 2010, 8:30 AM, Library

CALL TO ORDER: George Brendler, President, called the meeting to order at 8:37 AM.

Present: Trustees Emily Castine, Pat Neverett, Debby Powers, Tina Trombly, and Library Director Francie Fairchild

The trustees approved the revised proposed budget for 2010-2011. We will be requesting $25,000.00 from the school tax levy this May.
M (Neverett), S (Trombly) PASSED

ADK One Pass
The trustees agreed to send a Letter of Support to T. J. Stewart of Wired Not who is applying for the ADK One Pass Broadband Access grant which will fund public library computer centers.
M (Powers), S (Trombly) PASSED

New Construction and Renovation Account
Trustees approved the start up of the new account, the Construction and Renovation Fund, at the TD Bank in Chazy, with the transfer of $5,000.00 now and another $2500.00 when the next CD comes due.
M (Neverett), S (Trombly) PASSED

Feasibility Report Needed for the USDA Grant
President Brendler reported that he had spoken at the Walk-Through on March 5th with Jeff Leroy, a structural engineer from Jeffords Steel, who recommended the architect Michael Reynolds of Beardsley Design Associates of Malone. He, with a contractor, will provide us with a total project estimate. This is needed to apply for the USDA Grant. President Brendler along with Trustees Neverett and Trombly had agreed during that walk-through of Dr.Clark’s basement area that Brendler set up a Walk-Through for Friday, March 12th, at 2:30 PM, at Dr. Clark’s office. Mr. Leroy had suggested at least $75 up to $100.00 per hour for this service.
M (Neverett), S (Powers) PASSED

The meeting was adjourned at 9:14 AM.
M (Powers)

Respectfully submitted,

Emily F. Castine